Smart Energy Distribution System

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Last two years my team spent to develop IoT platform to manage energy distribution across the grid to eliminate under-loads and spikes, at the same time providing smart capabilities for customers.

So, among main goals of the platform I can highlight:

  • B2C + B2B. Providing smart grid capabilities for connected customer devices;
  • B2B (grid operators). Providing management and analytical tools for grid operators;
  • OEM (fleet managers). Providing customized tools to ensure smart capabilities for fleet managers.

To ensure smart capabilities, making decision in terms of multiple constraints has been chosen Cplex solver, it became a heart of the system, around that has been developed multiple components related to assets management, support interaction with customers, reports, even rewards engine.

The whole platform using modern tech stack and environmental approaches:

  • hosted in Cloud with 24X7 availability, however can be installed even on laptop, thanks to Kubernetes;
  • independent containerised services are communicating through internal service bus – RabbitMQ;
  • relational and non-relational DB engines based on Postgres;
  • external communication based on Web Sockets, REST API, Enterprise Service Bus – Kafka; encapsulating industry standard protocols, such as OCPP, OpenADR, etc;
  • scalability ensured by using Orleans and their virtual actor model.

One of the main advantages of the system is that software has been created as a Platform with solid core which allows us extend functionality and do not cause internals contradictions.

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