Webasto Heater Remote Control

The goal of this project is to add an ability to remotely control Webasto heater in my vehicle.

On the top of that I had a standard Webasto timer in my car which didn’t provide any flexibility to the customer, there is also exists on the market branded solution from Webasto but I decided to go my own way.

For this project as usual has been used ESP Wi-Fi controller, temperature sensor and small LCD screen. Because my EV has Wi-Fi onboard which I’m using for different applications this solution works pretty well for me.

The most curios part was to find and reimplement W-Bus protocol, the link to source code will be at the end of this post.

The protocol which I used there is MQTT, but connected to the Amazon IoT Cloud to ensure ability to use it without any kind of VPN.

For a board design I’ve used in this case easyeda.com online editor and then ordered 5 PCBs for a 2$

And finally here is a product which has been made with fan and solder paste

Source code and Gerber files

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