Infared Remote Control rev 2.0

Couple of days ago I decided to create new one IR controller for my air-conditioner and make it more professional, smaller and reliable.

I used schematics from my previous project but simplified it by removing DH22 temperature sensor and decided to improve schematics by using my base circuit with additional pull-up and pull-down resistors and capacitors for ESP chip stability.

My projects now are going faster because I’ve prepared couple of standard PCB prototyping boards and soldered ESP chip into. For example this project took for me around 2-3 hours.

First of all I took the same TSAL6200 IR transmitter with 940 nm wavelength. Based on official Vishay specs I calculated required resistor value for that IR transmitter and added 2N2222 NPN transistor.

Completed schematics and device itself are presented below

Source codes, schematics and script rules for OpenHab  available on GitHub

Thanks for reading!

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