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Some time ago I decided to buy a 4K camcorder to capture some amazing videos across the world and then enjoining the same picture on my TV sitting at home. The idea was to have a window into places which I love.

I absolutely sure that in the future we will have flat LCD panels instead of windows in our homes, which will show us real time video. For example, it could be your favorite places where you are already been, or just going to visit, or it could be an image of your real window to see what is going on outside.

So, let’s make a future today!

I bought Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder with amazing clear 4K picture and now when I have a vacation or just traveling I’m always taking my camera to capture continuous video around for one hour. Then when I’m returning to home and have some free time sometimes I can jump back into that place just watching my “window”.

I have installed Philips 55″ 4K LED panel with backlight on my wall to have incredible environment. Then I stuck little bit with displaying content captured by my camera because 4K files is so huge and TV with built-in software cannot decode it in runtime, at the same time firmware in TV doesn’t support H.265 codec which could probably help in this case. I do not watch TV in terms of news, shows and other crazy content which do not bring any value for me and I tried to find some cheap solution just to play video files. After some researching I made a decision and after some period of time using my solution I’d say that it was proper choice. After reading/googling forums regarding 4K player I’ve found similar to Raspberry PI box but with 4K support through HDMI 2.0 and CEC functionality, which allows you manage your device through regular IR TV remote.

I’ve ordered ODROID-C2 from Korea which had meet my needs, installed Linux kernel and XBMC player.

And in the end I got my “window” to lovely places.

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