Home automation project status

In this post I want to show my current status of the project and what I achieved. Below you able to see my main screen of home control panel, the similar screen also available through mobile phone and I can manage my home devices remotely through internet. Wow, future is here!

So, let me explain what I have here. First section is more status section and it shows current current power consumption through pulse counter, input voltage in the line through cheap chinese UPS connected to Raspberry PI through USB and it uses NUT server/client to determine voltage. My OpenHAB stores values from pulse counter and increases power meter values, so now I’m paying my bills semi-automatically. Another one section here is a Charts that shows power consumption and temperature in all areas of my home.

Next section is a garden, here you can see that I’m using temperature sensors based also on ESP8266 and switches and I can control temperature, lights and water pump in my pool. Now little bit automation which hidden from main screen. System also controls outside luminosity and when gonna be dark it will automagically turn on some lights in the garden and turn them off when gonna be bright , but only in case if I’m not at home. System determines my location through geo coordinates using OwnTracks application and also through my cell phone when it connected to the home Wi-Fi network and based on this knowledge system can be armed or disarmed. I found very convenient way to little bit protect a home from the thieves using outside lighting. There is also lights in my canopy and at that place I even do not have any kind of manual switches, but I do have my own with luminosity and motion sensors. It’s very convenient when you are approaching to canopy and want to sit into armchair during night time system automagically turns on lights, and if you leave this area after couple of minutes system will turn lights off. In the garden section I also have pool pump which is turning on every night time and clean the water in the pool during summer time.

Other sections is very similar and all of them have temperature/humidity sensors and switches with luminosity and motion sensors to manage internal lights. The most interesting part here is IR remote control for my air conditioner, this is also device based on ESP8266 chip which able to send the same commands through IR LED as original IR remote control. It was hard battle to capture and decode protocol and commands from original IR remote but I made it and now I’m able control air temperature remotely, in summer time keep it cold and warm during winter time. The main advantage here that I got flexible way to control power consumption and heat/cold my house only when I’m in, it allowed me decrease the cost of my bills by saving electricity.

I’m going to move forward, the next items in my wish list which I want to automate is:

  • rolling shutters;
  • make heating floor more intellectual;
  • make smart alarm, which should be connected to the home automation system, track motion and should be integrated with my cameras and surveillance system
  • make smart lock to be able open main doors from cell phone using NFC

Never stop

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