Infared Remote Control rev 2.0

Couple of days ago I decided to create new one IR controller for my air-conditioner and make it more professional, smaller and reliable.

I used schematics from my previous project but simplified it by removing DH22 temperature sensor and decided to improve schematics by using my base circuit with additional pull-up and pull-down resistors and capacitors for ESP chip stability.

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Car Automation project

Recently I decided upgrade my car entertainment system and make my car more smarter. I’m as usual car owner have manufacturer in-dash car system with LCD screen from VAG, but I do not use anything such as Navi, TV, radio, only line-in 3.5 jack and I’m playing my online streams from cellphone, nothing else. So, the plan of this project is to have system with next functionality:

  • play online streams, my favorites are DI.FM, Soundcloud
  • navigation, Google Maps for example
  • manage car functionality, like door opening and auto-start engine remotely
  • capture car debugging information through car data bus OBD2 protocol
  • share Internet through Wi-Fi and able send/receive audio through bluetooth

I started my discovering from Raspberry PI as a hardware platform which I used in my other projects and tried to find proper software solution for Raspberry PI.  I’ve found that recently Google presented platform Android Things to develop own projects for IoT devices. I took my brand new PI3 and flashed Android Things Beta image, then using ADB interface connected to device and installed Android Auto software. Unfortunately Android Auto didn’t start to work due incompatibility of versions of Google Play Services, I’ve tried manually update software but stuck due a lot of restrictions and incompatibilities in versions. Based on first negative experience I’d say that current platform is so “rare” and unfortunately I won’t use PI3 with Android.

After all I ordered Odroid C2 which has support of native Android out from the box and looks like solution is much stable.