EV charging ERP

ERP platform to manage energy across power grids by supporting EV charging infrastructure and ensuring main business processes such as manufacturing, CRM, financing, payments.


Optimization engine designed to solve linear and quadratic programming problems to ensure proper energy distribution across power grids based on IBM CPlex

IoT Emulator

Software for emulation physical devices

Automated Demand Response

Set of services to ensure automated Demand Response procedure with ISO providers (CAISO, NYISO, MISO), Utilities (PGnE, SDGE, SCE), Grid Operators (EnergyHub, AutoGrid) based on custom protocols and industry standard OpenADR 2.0b.

Support automated customer enrollment based on Green Button protocol.


Implementation of Open Charge Point Protocol 2.0.1 with support ISO 15118 definition


Implementation Open Charge Point Interface 2.2.1

Smart Webasto

Remote control for Webasto car pre-heater

Multifunction Energy Smart Meter

Multifunction electric grid meter with MQTT support has two versions.
The first one is based on current coils for direct measurements of grid properties such as Power, Voltage, Current. It is suitable for measuring active, reactive, and apparent energy in various 3-phase configurations, such as wye or delta services with both three and four wires.
Second version is extracting measurements of grid properties directly from regular Meters using RS485 (CAN) and turns it into Smart Meter.

Smart Meter

Smart meter for measurements ticks from analog devices with MQTT support

Infrared Remote Control

Infrared remote controller with MQTT support

Smart Home

Using existing and custom hardware, software we are making your home smart